Black Saya Sheath for Yanagiba Knife with Plywood Pin-300mm

$56.00 USD

Saya covers prevent damages on knives during transport. We strongly recommend our customers who often carry knives to purchase Saya covers.
The Saya cover comes with a matching plastic pin which is very useful to keep the knife in the Saya cover.


Knife Type: Yanagiba Knife
Blade Length: 300mm 

The Saya fit these knives;

  • YA0330
  • YA0230
  • Tanaka-S3-YA300
  • 04225
  • 06005
  • 04305
  • 06305
  • FUD1113

The Saya does NOT fit these knives;

  • 10025
  • 04005

    The sheath is designed for knives we carry. This sheath might not fit knives other than ones listed above. We make sure knife and sheath matches when they are purchased together before shipping. If you purchased only sheath, we can’t guarantee that all sheath goes with other knives, and we will not accept an exchange or return.

    It usually takes 2 –3 weeks for us to restock should this item is not available.

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