Hasegawa Sushi Roll Mat - L size(FMK-L)

$49.00 USD

HASEGAWA-Makisu is a revolutionary makisu that makes use of neither the traditional bamboo nor cotton strings but advanced plastic and monofilaments.
They are not only hygienic but also easy to roll as a makisu. 
Designed with several benefits below.

   - Does not generate splinters or black mold, like the those conventional bamboo
     ones always does.
   - The monofilaments that deter contamination are used for the binding strings.
   - Rice less likely to stick to its embossed surfaces.
   - Easy to dry so that can be used soon after washing.
   - Yet as easy to roll as conventional bamboo ones.
   - Dishwasher safe, bleach safe.

    No Cling Film needed !

Size: 250 x 305mm ( 10 x 12inch )  

Weight: 202g

Heatproof temperature: 100 C (212 F)  

More than a tool

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